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California DMV Test Practice: 10 Questions about Pavement Markings

DMV test Questions about pavement markings

These 10 questions are examples of questions you may see on a DMV test, not only in California but in every state in U.S.A. Pavement markings are consistent across the country and have the same meaning in all states. Check if you can answer these DMV questions.

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California Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

road signs traffic signals test - Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

This practice test checks your knowledge of some common road signs you will see on California highways and what different traffic lights mean. It has a mix of 20 easy to medium hard questions. Can you get a full score on this test?

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California Permit Practice Test No. 1

Permit Practice Test 1 - Copyright avemario/123RF

The real California permit exam has 46 questions. You must correctly answer 38 questions to pass the examination. If you are over 18 and applying for an original driver’s license, the official CA DMV test has 36 questions. On this first practice test, there are 30 questions to help you prepare.

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