When Should I Turn on My Headlights?

Car driving at night with headlights on. Photo by Roentahlenberg

How to Use Your Headlights

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1. When should you use your headlights beginning from sunset?

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2. When is it illegal to drive using only parking lights?

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3. Any time it is too dark to see from 1,000 feet away, you must:

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4. What should you do if you see a collision or hazard ahead?

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5. On mountain roads, it is best to use headlights:

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6. In which conditions should you use your high-beam headlights?

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7. When driving in fog, you should turn on:

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8. To avoid glare from the high-beam headlights of an approaching car:

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9. If it starts to rain and you turn on your wipers, you should also:

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10. When must you dim your high-beam headlights?

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Study the Chapter about Headlights in the Handbook

This quiz emphasizes the importance of using your lights and emergency flashers to communicate with other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Using them correctly is a common subject on the California DMV exam, so studying this chapter in the handbook is essential.

Prepare for your California driver’s license test: Practice Test 1.

Car driving at night with headlights on by Roentahlenberg.

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