California Road Signs and Traffic Signals Test

California Road Signs and Signals

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1. When you see this sign, you must:

US Road sign

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2. This sign means:

US Road sign

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3. This sign means:

US Road sign

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4. Where are you likely to see this sign?

US Road sign

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5. A flashing yellow light means:

Flashing yellow

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6. A flashing red light means the same as:

Flashing red

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7. From a lane with this sign, you can:

US Road sign

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8. This sign means:

US Road sign

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9. This sign marks:

US Road sign

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10. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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11. What do white rectangular signs communicate?

White rectangle

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12. This sign means:

US Road sign

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13. This sign means:

US Road sign

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14. You may continue carefully against a solid yellow light if:

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15. This sign means:

US Road sign

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16. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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17. This sign means:

Stop sign

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18. Even if you have a green light, you should stop when:

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19. This sign means that you:

US Road sign

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20. What color are highway construction and maintenance signs?

What color are

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This Practice Test

Road Signs

20 Road Signs and Traffic Signals Questions

This practice test checks your knowledge of some common road signs you will see on California highways and what different traffic lights mean. It has a mix of 20 easy to medium hard questions. Can you get a 100% score on this test?

All signs and traffic signals you must learn for your California DMV test are in the California Driver Handbook. Make sure you get the latest version from your CA DMV office or download it online.

2023 California Driver Handbook

Standard Three-Light Traffic Signals

While most people clearly understand the standard three-light signals (red, yellow, and green), you’d be surprised by how many test takers fail to answer questions about them correctly.

The most common misunderstanding is that a green light gives you the right of way, and it doesn’t. You may only proceed on the green light if it is safe and there is room on the other side of the intersection. Entering and blocking an intersection in heavy traffic is not allowed, even with a green light. You must always yield to vehicles that have lawfully entered the intersection before you.

The solid/steady yellow signal also confuses test takers. If you face a steady yellow signal, the light is about to change. You should only proceed if you cannot stop safely. Trying to beat the red signal is both dangerous and illegal. Read more: – Drive Against A Steady Yellow Light.

Flashing Traffic Signals and Arrows

The results of renewal tests show that even experienced drivers can misunderstand flashing signals and lighted arrows.

Red signals always means stop. After stopping at a flashing red signal, you may proceed if the way is clear and safe. Turning against a red arrow is allowed in some states, but not in California.

Yellow signals mean caution. When you face a flashing yellow signal, slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary. A steady yellow arrow means that the protected turning period (indicated by the green arrow) is ending. Stop if you can stop safely.

The flashing yellow arrow is a new signal in the USA. It means that you may turn in the direction of the arrow, but your turn is not protected (permissive and unprotected turn). You must yield to oncoming vehicles and turn only when there is a safe gap in traffic.

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