California Road Sign Quiz – 20 Road Signs You Must Know

Road Signs You Must Know

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1. This sign marks:

US Road sign

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2. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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3. This sign means:

US Road sign

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4. This sign means:

US Road sign

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5. This sign means:

US Road sign

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6. This sign means:

US Road sign

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7. This white sign means you must not pass:

US Road sign

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8. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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9. Which of the following vehicles may use this lane?

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10. If you drive past this sign:

US Road sign

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11. This sign means that you:

US Road sign

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12. What should you expect ahead?

US Road sign

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13. This sign means:

US Road sign

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14. A sign with this shape means:

Triangular sign

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15. This sign means:

US Road sign

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16. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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17. A circular sign means you approach:

Circular sign

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18. This yellow sign means:

US Road sign

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19. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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20. This sign means:

US Road sign

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This Practice Test

Road Signs

Understanding California Road Signs

Compared to other states, there are fewer questions about road signs on the California permit test/knowledge test for a full driver’s license.

You must, however, study all the signs in the California Driver Handbook and make sure you understand what they mean.

A good understanding of the different shapes and colors of California road signs is also very useful. Shape and background colors have special meanings. Recognizing shapes or colors from a distance prepares you for dangers or information ahead.

When you see a blue sign from a distance, as an example, you know that you will find motorist services ahead, like a rest area or gas station.

2023 California Driver Handbook

The California Driver Handbook

You will find all the signs, shapes, and colors you need to learn for your knowledge test in the California Driver Handbook. Even if the section about road signs is updated infrequently, you should ensure you have the latest version of the Handbook. Get it from a California DMV office or download it online.

To be a safe driver, you should know and understand all road signs. The California Handbook only lists the most important signs and the ones that may show up on your permit test.

To test your knowledge of other road signs, you can check out Quiz-A-Go-Go has several U.S. road sign quizzes to help you learn all signs. It’s a great help to be a great driver!

Learn Them Not Only by Name

A common mistake by first-time applicants is to learn the signs only by “name.”

Take these two signs as an example. One is the “Added Lane” sign, and the other is “Merge” or “Merging Traffic.”

California road signs: Added Lane - Merging Traffic

When you study for your California permit, you may think they mean the same thing. They don’t.

You will see the signs where two roadways come together. One will warn you that traffic entering the highway must merge with the flow of traffic, and the other will tell you that merging is not required since a new lane begins and entering traffic can use that lane.

Some of the questions on your California test will ensure you understand more about the signs than just the name.

You should take all of our practice tests to learn all road signs!

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