California Permit Practice Test – 6

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California DMV Practice Test - 6

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1. How far in advance should you signal before changing lanes on a freeway?

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2. Once you start moving through an intersection, you should:

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3. When driving on narrow mountain roads where you cannot see at least 200 feet ahead, you should:

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4. Two solid white lines between lanes have the same meaning as:

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5. If you have a green light and vehicles are blocking the intersection, you should:

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6. Children under two years old should generally be secured:

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7. After coming to a stop at this sign, you must:

Stop sign

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8. Which entry lane should you choose for a right turn in a roundabout with multiple lanes?

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9. At a flashing red light, you must:

Flashing red

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10. This yellow sign means:

US Road sign

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11. What should you do when a law enforcement officer is directing traffic?

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12. When can you legally drive around a lowered gate at a railroad crossing?

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13. What is the most significant risk with an airbag?

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14. What effect can fatigue have on your ability to drive?

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15. What can you do to ensure you are not driving in a truck's blind spot?

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16. If you encounter a flooded roadway with deep water, it is best to:

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17. To adjust for changing light conditions at night, you should:

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18. What is the speed limit for vehicles towing trailers on most California highways?

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19. When can you drive through a pedestrian safety zone?

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20. Drinking just one drink of alcohol:

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21. You must turn on your headlights:

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22. If a school bus with flashing red lights has stopped on the other side of a multilane highway, you should:

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23. What should you do if you arrive at an uncontrolled intersection?

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24. If there's no limit line or crosswalk at an intersection with a stop sign, you should:

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25. This sign means:

US Road sign

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26. How should you respond when a vehicle merges closely in front of you?

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27. What should you do when entering a work zone?

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28. Traffic moving in opposite directions on a two-way road is separated by:

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29. If you have stopped on the shoulder after a car breakdown, it is usually safest to:

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30. A dedicated right turn lane allows you to turn without:

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This CA Practice Test


Number of Questions on Permit Practice Test No. 6

This permit practice test, and all other tests at, is designed to help you prepare for your California Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit.

The practice test has 30 questions, slightly less than the actual examination.

The new online MVProctor knowledge test has 40 questions for an original permit or driver’s license.

Should you already have a California License and be asked to take the license test for renewal after five years, the renewal test has 25 questions. If you are under 70, you will likely qualify to take this renewal test online.

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Get the California Driver Handbook

A practice test is a great way to prepare for the examination at California DMV! It’s even better when you get free questions and answers, which you’ll find here. We offer free online practice tests and several knowledge articles to help you quickly get your permit or license.

Our practice tests cover all essential topics in the Driver Handbook and any driver’s ed class. But don’t skip the handbook and think that practice tests are enough.

Memorizing questions and answers may help you pass the official exam. Still, memorized answers can make you a poor driver since facts sometimes fail to stick in your memory in the long perspective.

Learning the rules of the road and California laws takes time, and the more time you give it, the better the knowledge will stick. So, get yourself a copy of the California Handbook and read it. Make sure you have the latest version since laws change almost every year.

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The California Examination Process

The Driver’s License examinations include:

  • Vision test (if you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, bring them with you).
  • Knowledge test.
  • Road test or “behind-the-wheel driving test”. You must make an appointment to take the road test. It is waived if you hold a License from out-of-state or a U.S. territory.

At CA DMV, you take the knowledge test on an automated test terminal with a touchscreen terminal. You can still get a paper test if you ask for it or have trouble using a computer.

Since 2022, you may also have the option to take the MVProctor knowledge test from home. MVProctor is a fully online, remotely proctored exam that replaces the written test you traditionally took at a DMV office.

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