California DMV Practice Test – 2

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California DMV Practice Test - 2

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1. The driver in front signals:

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2. What is one common distraction that should be avoided while driving?

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3. When must you stop at a railroad crossing?

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4. If you cannot see farther than 100 feet, it is not safe to drive faster than:

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5. What lane has yellow pavement markings on both sides?

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6. This sign means:

US Road sign

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7. What does a red curb mean?

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8. A traffic light with a green arrow pointing left means:

Green arrow

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9. What does BAC stand for

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10. The standard speed limit for a school zone where children are present is:

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11. What do five-sided road signs mark?

Five-sided sign

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12. Why should you always be especially alert for motorcyclists and bicyclists on the road?

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13. When approaching a stationary emergency vehicle with flashing hazard lights, what should you do?

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14. What is a safety zone?

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15. Who is responsible for reporting a collision with injuries to the DMV?

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16. White lines mark:

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17. What should you do before turning left?

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18. What is the purpose of the far left lane on a multi-lane road?

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19. Within 100 feet of a tunnel, you must:

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20. Where this sign is posted:

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21. What is the purpose of right-of-way rules?

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22. If another driver cuts in too closely, you should:

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23. The Basic Speed Law means you must:

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24. What should you do if you experience symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

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25. Under what conditions should you drive using only parking lights?

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26. Which of the following vehicles may use this lane?

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27. If your accelerator sticks, what is the first action you should take?

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28. If a traffic signal light is not working, you must:

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29. How many standard drinks does it typically take to affect your ability to drive safely?

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30. When driving in a roundabout, you should:

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The average score is 81%

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This CA Practice Test


About This Second California DMV Practice Test

In 2023, the California DMV updated its tests, removing many old exam questions and modernizing the knowledge test.

This second California DMV Practice Test has 30 new questions from the latest Driver Handbook.

When studying for your instruction permit or full driver’s license, we strongly recommend you aim for a score of 100% on each practice test. It gives you a good margin when you attempt the actual exam.

A self-assessment test aims to help you identify parts of your knowledge or experience that may need improvement or further studies of the Driver Handbook. It should also give you a good idea of when you are ready for the actual DMV examination and when you are ready to start driving.

If you aren’t ready, spend time with your best friend: the California Driver Handbook. You should get a hard copy from your DMV office and download a version to your cell phone here. Reading the handbook a couple of times will pay off.

Self-assessment Tests You Can Trust

Test statistics - Courtesy of:

There is a fair number of other websites offering practice tests. We recommend some you can trust: Complete Driver’s Permit Test at, California DMV Written Test Practice at, and California DMV Permit and Driver’s License Tests at These sites have verified questions and answers drawn from an extensive database. Unlike many other sites, they have dedicated support to help you with difficult topics.

Don’t bother to go after brain dumps of actual exam questions. Nowadays, the DMV draws questions from a large data bank. Each test is unique, and you will get different questions every time you take a test. Furthermore, taking shortcuts to pass the DMV exam won’t make you a good driver.

You need knowledge.

Focus on the Right Questions

The California DMV test has several questions about specific California laws. You must know the rules about smoking with a minor in a vehicle and leaving a minor alone in a car. You can find these laws at the end of the Driver Handbook. Look for a chapter titled “Other Important Roadway Information.”

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