California Permit Practice – 30 Questions

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California Permit Practice Test – 1

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1. A blind spot is the area of the road:

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2. When are fines always doubled in highway construction or maintenance zones?

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3. When you see this sign, you must:

US Road sign

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4. This sign means:

US Road sign

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5. What are a truck's no-zones?

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6. When should you start signaling for a turn?

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7. If it starts to rain and you turn on your wipers, you should also:

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8. Who should be given the right-of-way at a T-intersection with no signs or signals?

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9. Where should you start when turning left from a one-way street onto a one-way street?

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10. What is the legal BAC limit for individuals over 21 years old in California?

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11. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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12. When can you smoke a minor in the vehicle:

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13. When you enter a highway, you will need to:

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14. What does this sign mean?

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15. A vehicle carrying this sign:

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16. Which traffic light signal means the protected turning time is ending?

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17. When can you make a U-turn with a green traffic light?

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18. When you leave a brightly lit place, you should:

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19. Two sets of solid double yellow lines are considered:

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20. What is the default maximum speed limit on most California highways?

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21. If your cell phone rings while you drive, you should:

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22. Passing another vehicle on the right on an unpaved shoulder is:

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23. How should you turn your front wheels when parking headed uphill with a curb?

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24. If your vehicle stalls on a train track and no train approaches, you should:

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25. Traffic from either direction must stop when a school bus has stopped on:

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26. How far should you stop from the nearest track when a train is coming?

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27. How should you drive when approaching sharp curves?

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28. What should you do when passing a motorcyclist?

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29. What do diamond-shaped signs show?

Diamond-shaped sign

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30. A flashing red light means the same as:

Flashing red

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About the 1st California DMV Permit Practice Test

This California DMV Permit Practice Test has 30 essential multiple-choice questions from the DMV permit examination. Take the test. It is an easy way to prepare and study for your CA learner’s permit.

California DMV updated their tests in 2023, removing many old exam questions and modernizing the knowledge test.

Driver’s Prep – California is the largest online provider of DMV testing. They have designed each permit practice test specifically for the CA DMV. You will not get unnecessary questions not included in the California question bank. You can find all the answers in the official DMV Driver Handbook. Get a copy and read it before attempting the real examination.

California permit practice 1

How Many Questions are on the California Permit Test?

The online MVProctor knowledge test has 40 questions if you apply for an original permit.

The renewal test has 25 questions.


You can apply for a California Instruction Permit if you are 15 years and six months old.

If you are under 17 years and six months old, you must also enroll in an approved driver’s education course.

To get your permit, you pass the written knowledge test. You can take the test at a DMV office or through your approved driving school.

DMV will issue a permit if you pass your examination for your first license. When you hold a permit, you must drive with an accompanying adult who is 18 or older and have a valid California license.

Remember, a learner’s permit does not allow you to drive alone without supervision.

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  For more information about California driver’s licenses, learner permits, and online testing, please visit California DMV

3 thoughts on “California Permit Practice – 30 Questions”

    • In California, DMV always issues a permit when you have passed the written knowledge test. Regardless of age.


      To get a full and unrestricted California Driver License you must also pass the behind-the-wheel test (the practical driving test). Assuming you are 18 years or older, you don’t need a driver education course and there is no mandatory driving practice while holding the permit. As soon as you have passed the written test, you can schedule your driving test.


      After passing both you will earn your full and unrestricted California driver license.


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