California Permit Practice Test – No. 5

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California DMV Practice Test - 5

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1. How can you avoid hydroplaning?

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2. In what situation is it acceptable to double park?

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3. Which traffic light signal means a turn is unprotected?

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4. A right turn against a red arrow is:

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5. Can you make a U-turn across a double yellow line?

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6. If you stop your vehicle on the railroad tracks:

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7. Traffic from either direction must stop when a school bus has stopped on:

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8. What is the consequence of refusing a blood or urine test if suspected of DUI?

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9. Why should you not suddenly slow down or stop in front of a large vehicle?

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10. To drive safely on a multi-lane highway, you should:

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11. On mountain roads, it is best to use headlights:

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12. Who must yield when several vehicles approach an uncontrolled T-intersection?

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13. When should you use your vehicle's horn while driving?

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14. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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15. Who are considered pedestrians or vulnerable road users?

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16. The three-second rule is a way for you to estimate:

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17. When driving at night, you must make sure:

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18. When is it essential to check your blind spots?

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19. What is a common reason for motorcyclists to suddenly change speed or direction?

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20. What does this sign mean?

US Road sign

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21. Authorities may remove a vehicle left standing on a freeway if you leave it for more than:

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22. After your license has expired, you may continue driving:

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23. What should you do before an officer contacts you during a law enforcement stop?

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24. What distance should you keep from an emergency vehicle on its way to an emergency?

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25. When can you legally leave a child unattended in a vehicle?

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26. What is the speed limit in a residential district?

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27. When driving on ice, you should:

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28. A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means:

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29. What color are guide signs?

What color are

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30. What should you avoid when merging onto a highway?

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This CA Practice Test


California Permit Practice Test – No. 5

We have designed the DMV permit practice tests at to help you prepare and keep track of your progress as you study the California Driver Handbook. Always make sure you have the latest version of the booklet. Even if California DMV doesn’t update the actual exam with all the latest laws, you should keep updated with the newest information for your safety on the road.

The more you know, the better driver you will be!

Don’t Skip the California Driver Handbook

It would help if you always got a clear understanding of what the California Driver Handbook contains. DMV draws all questions on your permit or driver’s license exam from this handbook. You should review the guide and identify topics you must study in detail.

Laws that control what you can and can’t do are essential, not only for your permit exam but to be a safe driver when you’ve got your permit and get behind the wheel.

Give it Time!

Commonly, teenagers fail their first attempt at the permit test. The reason is often poor study habits.

It is challenging to absorb everything in the handbook just a few days before the examination. It probably worked for your school tests at one point in life, but it will work for your learner’s permit.

If you are an experienced driver preparing for a renewal test, you should also read the handbook. Many things have changed since you took your driver’s license exam, and the California DMV has shifted focus on the test questions.

Give the handbook and our permit practice tests at least a week or two. Have it beside you when you take practice tests. Look up your mistakes and compare the information.

Permit Practice - Give it time!

Find Someone to Study with

If it is your first license and you try to study by yourself, you close the door to important feedback. Discussing road rules with a friend or a parent helps you learn faster. Ask questions like how and why instead of memorizing facts or exact answers. Simply trying to memorize the material is one of those poor study habits we all picked up from school, which could cause you to fail!

Don’t expect practice tests to give you exact questions or answers (even if you will see those too). Practice tests are a way to study and learn!

Motivate Yourself

You may find it boring to learn all the information in the handbook. Even impossible. Most of the time, you may want to do something else and put off studying for the exam.

However, you’ve read this far! It proves you want to do this!

Learning to drive includes knowing all the rules of the road. It’s an essential step towards your goal: a driving permit and a full driver’s license. And ultimately, a car. Feel excited. Print out your goal in big words and commit yourself on social media.

Then, stick with it.

Success requires some sacrifice, but believe us: once you have your permit, your sacrifice won’t seem that big of a deal. You will probably say it was all a piece of cake!

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