California DMV Knowledge Test – 8

California DMV Practice Test - 8

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1. When passing another vehicle, you may exceed the speed limit:

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2. If an officer asks your permission to do something during a stop, you have a right to:

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3. Which lane is referred to as the Number 1 Lane in the handbook?

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4. In which lane should you exit a roundabout?

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5. At a solid yellow traffic signal, you must:

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6. Double white lines separating a carpool lane mean:

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7. What should you do to maintain control when driving in rain, snow, or mud?

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8. A this T-intersection, the green car in the center lane (A):

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9. If you encounter fog when driving, you should:

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10. Which vehicle must stop at all railroad crossings?

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11. What is the maximum fine for assaulting a highway worker in a work zone?

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12. A parking space with this sign means it is reserved for:

Wheelchair symbol

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13. What should you do if you see a sign with a picture of an animal on the road?

Deer - Wild Animals

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14. If you injure an animal on the road, you should:

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15. At what speed may you pass a streetcar stopped at a safety zone?

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16. A child must ride in an appropriate child safety seat or booster seat:

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17. If you hear an emergency vehicle approaching, you must yield the right-of-way by:

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18. When should you signal while driving?

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19. A large truck's blind spots are also called:

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20. What should you do when sharing the road with motorcyclists

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21. This sign means:

US Road sign

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22. In what situation is it acceptable to park in front of a driveway?

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23. A broken yellow center line next to your lane means:

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24. Which situation may require steering with one hand?

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25. To avoid last-minute moves and hazards, you should look:

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26. You need proof of liability insurance:

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27. Yellow flashing lights on top of a school bus alert you to:

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28. How should you adjust the lap belt of a seat belt to ensure safety?

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29. Why should you merge right when a tailgater is behind you?

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30. Under what conditions can you pass on the right?

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The average score is 93%

California DMV Knowledge Test – 8

You should prepare well for your California DMV knowledge exam. The first-time failure rate in California is above 40%, meaning almost one applicant out of 2 failed the CA knowledge test the first time.

Get the California Driver Handbook online or from your DMV office. Make sure you read it.

Use practice tests to verify your progress.

Each of our practice tests has 30 questions. It is less than the actual exam unless you must pass a re-examination. The new online MVProctor knowledge test has 40 questions for an original permit or driver’s license. The renewal test has 25 questions.

California DMV test 8

The Best Study Tips: Don’t Cram for the exam

Remember, you build up knowledge over time. It is the same thing with confidence.

Don’t try to digest the driver handbook in just a few days or think practice tests are the magic answer to passing the knowledge exam.

To pass the knowledge test and become the best driver you can be, you need real insight and knowledge of California traffic laws.

The right attitude and mindset may be the best way to get there eventually. The difficulty of the California DMV exam is relative to the amount of time and effort you invest in studying. The more you know and understand safe driving and traffic laws, the easier the test will seem.

There are no trick questions on the test. Just be sure to read everything carefully.

Get more study tips from Joni Stark, an experienced driving instructor: What is the Best Way to Study for the DMV Exam?

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  1. These tests help us to study hard so we can pass and learn. What can be done to make the drivers still follow these Q&A after they leave the DMV?


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