What is California AB 60 Program?

California AB 60 Program

The California AB 60 Program allows California DMV to issue an original driver’s license regardless of your immigration status. You don’t need to show your social security number or proof of legal presence to apply for a license. Under AB 60 you must, however, meet all other requirements for a driver’s license, including all tests. You must also provide proof of identity and California residency.

California Residency

Acceptable proof of your California residency is typically one of the following documents: a lease, utility bill, tax return, medical record, record of a financial institution, or school records. You may use documents under your spouse’s name as proof of residency.

Proof of Identity

For the primary review of your identity, you may use an earlier version (2000 or later) of a California Driver’s License or California Identification Card. Most country passports are also accepted. If you don’t have acceptable documents, you should gather all other documents that show your identity. DMV will give you the option of a secondary review to verify your identity based on your documents. In most cases, you can obtain an AB 60 license through this process.

For further assistance in providing proper documentation, check out the AB 60 Checklist.

California Written Knowledge Test

You must study for the written knowledge examination before applying for a driver’s license under AB 60. DMV offers this exam on a computer. The test will check your knowledge of standard California traffic rules.

You should start by getting a copy of the California Driver Handbook and study for the exam. DMV draws all questions on the exam from the information in the handbook.

Then, it would be best to use online practice tests to ensure you have learned the content.

Driver Education Program

If you are under 18, you must enroll in a driver’s education and prove that you have completed the course.

California DMV Practice Tests

California DMV offers samples of driver’s license knowledge tests. Use them. You should also complete several practice tests at websites like Driver’s Prep, License Route, or Free DMV tests. These practice tests will help you through your studies and focus on essential areas for your exam. Wait to attempt the actual test. It is better to learn all the vital facts before you make an appointment for your test.

Visit Your Local California DMV Office

You may visit a Driver’s License Processing Center without an appointment. If you wish to visit a DMV office, you must book one online or by phone before the visit.

You will complete a driver’s license application form at your local DMV. This application comes with a fee.

You must pass a vision test, a knowledge test, and, if applicable, a road sign test.

DMV will take your thumbprint and a picture.

If required, you may schedule an appointment for the road test.

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